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The Pact for a new World DeGeneration – Part I

Sometimes after working at something for a very long time, or just living an experience for a long period, a person decides to forge it onto writings. My knowledge of economic world structure is not as equal as of those scholars that wonder around premade economic structures and issues for years, planning the next big hit.

Personally I am a PHd student in a University in Spain, and my main area of expertise is Computer Engineering. Today after watching a report in the CNN International channel, I finally decided to start writing this pieces. The report looked at the overall unemployment crisis in Europe and Spain, more than 25% of young people unemployed in Europe, and in Spain more than 57% of them.

Bad news that have been lurking over Spanish and European citizens for many years now, without any solution. In comparison to my friends in Europe, I am lucky enough to say that I have a job, as a researcher in a University, but that can be over any time (literally my tutors words).

Now I am in Brazil for a week, participating in some academic events as well as looking at some new prospects to continue my investigation, as part of my work in my University.

It was here, that for the first time came to mind something curious. In Spain, one of the most known phenomenon is the forceful policy applied by the government to make all the qualified young work force to emigrate. For years all the young workers in Spain asked themselves what was behind such policy, why is the country throwing away their most qualified generation, and not allowing our best researchers to come back, as the example of the recognized best astrophysics in the EU that was refused a position in Spain.

So why all of a sudden such an issue came to mind in my short visit to Brazil. Well the thing is that a couple of days ago I was listening to some of the reasons why the latest events in Brazil came to happened, specially the peoples manifestations against the local government.

I never though that such a random event could find a connection to our problems in Spain, but it did.

In Brazil one of the main issues is, that graduated students in medical specialties, ARE NOT being hired by the hospitals, because they prefer to hire immigrating work force, AKA foreigners to do the same job but much cheaper.

AND IT WAS THEN THAT IT HIT ME… Brazil and many other Latin American countries have been opening their doors to European young work force to migrate to their countries, and find a job, but it never occurred to me that maybe it was all an economic stratagem to reduce workforce cost and rights.

For those few who know me, I have been traveling around the world since I was 0 years old, my parents had diplomatic status, and so I always felt as an immigrant in most of the countries I lived in, including Spain. In the first years there, for me well it was harder to get through because of the predefined structure that imposes more rights to locals than to foreigners. Such policies got to the point of having laws that allowed companies to pay the immigrants the salary wages equivalent to their country of origin, for the same job a local would do for the local wages. This meant, that if a web developer, in the good times was earning 1000 Euros, if in the country of origin such work was reattributed with an equivalent of 500 Euros, it was in the companies right to pay such amount and save some serious money.

And SO lets get to the conclusion of this part, and I am sure many by this point understand were I am going with this. It looks like a large world pact was design by the different world blocks, example EU, OEA, Asia and etc., to manage a new system of human trafficking. YES, exactly like slave trafficking. Countries are forcing their citizens to leave their territories to loose their citizenship rights, and so be forced to work cheaper and more, loosing professional value.

Their AIM is to force large amount of migration from blocks to blocks, so in example, most of the Spanish youth go to work in Latin America and in some remote places in Europe for a lower wage that they SHOULD get in their country of origin, while Latin American professionals are also driven towards emigration on the same excuse that the Spanish youth have, because they don’t get paid enough, and by so we are confronting a new PARADOX.

Economic powers around the world have found a new way to make profit, and reinstitute a very old profession, SLAVE TRAFFICKING. It is true that there is still such disease in our society, and can be found in prostitution, as well as cheap labor from more disfavored countries in the east and far east, but now we are looking at an attempt, which is resulting, to turn ALL work force in any corner of the world into a cheap workforce, and the Economic Entities, allied with the governments, are forcing a massive human transfer and by so are giving the last blow to the old protective world order.

And so we are witnessing the DeGeneration of our planet.

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